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19.08.08 Children made innocent victims of cruel war
Georgian aggression has claimed around 2,000 South Ossetian lives - but there is something even more horrifying hidden in this statisitic as estimates suggest around 700 children have been killed by Georgians.
15.08.08 North Ossetia hospitals admit 528 people since Tskhinvali assault
A total of 528 refugees from South Ossetia have received medical assistance in North Ossetia since Georgia's attack on the rebel republic's capital on August 8.
14.08.08 Russia brings case on genocide in South Ossetia
The Investigatory Committee at the Prosecutor's Office (ICPO) of Russia has initiated a criminal case on the fact of mass assassinations of Russian citizens in South Ossetia, under which Georgia is accused of genocide.
14.08.08 Youth organizations honor S.Ossetia dead at Moscow rally
Youth organizations gathered overnight near the Christ the Savior Cathedral in central Moscow to honor the dead in South Ossetia as a fragile ceasefire took hold in Georgia.
12.08.08 Medvedev: Action Georgia in South Ossetia - genocide
“South Ossetia Georgia had a very tough, cynical aggression. People were killed, our citizens: and residents of South Ossetia, and peacekeepers,” – D.Medvedev, Russian President.
12.08.08 Georgia continues genocide in South Ossetia
The Georgian troops breaking all international agreements started aggression against Ossetian population and Russian peacekeeping forces.
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