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22.02.12 Russian military base in South Ossetia to include battalion for Ossetians
The citizens of South Ossetia, who want to continue to serve in the army, now will be provided with opportunity to acquire new knowledge, learn military discipline...
19.02.12 "August 2008" - film about love not war
The new film “August 2008” by the well-known film director Dzhanik Faiziyev is a story about love and loyalty, which develops against the background of the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgian troops...
01.02.12 S.Ossetia warns Georgia against interfering in domestic affairs
South Ossetia warned Georgia against using international mechanisms to influence the political landscape of the former Georgian republic...
24.01.12 Putin: No Guarantee that U.S. Will Not Deploy Missile System in Georgia
If it happens that will be “a horror”, because in that case Russia will have to aim its “offensive systems” at Georgia, Russia’s PM Vladimir Putin, said...
24.01.12 Local manufacturers to beautify Tskhinvali
The Ministry for Capital Road Construction and Architecture of South Ossetia has concluded a deal with local private businessmen to purchase paving slabs to beautify Tskhinvali
24.11.11 Medvedev: no regrets about South Ossetia and Georgia
President Medvedev is convinced that he was perfectly right when, in the summer of 2008, he ordered the Russian army to interfere in this conflict...
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