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Russia will keep aiding South Ossetia - Putin (25.10.12)

Russia will keep aiding South Ossetia to strengthen its statehood and cope with economic and social problems, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin stated after meeting with S.Ossetian leader Leonid Tibilov.

He pledged that Moscow will continue to support South Ossetian people, and aim for higher living standards, more jobs and better infrastructure in the republic,

Putin explained this by the fact that 80% of South Ossetian residents people are Russian passport holders.

Russia wants good relations with the Caucasus: Putin

Russia expects to build up good relations with all countries of the Caucasus, the country’s President Vladimir Putin stated during a meeting with his South Ossetian counterpart Leonid Tibilov Wednesday.

Putin also praised the recent positive trends in the region, namely the Georgian opposition winning the parliamentary elections.

Georgia is the only country in the Caucasus which breached ties with Russia for its recognition of Abkhazia ad S,Ossetia. Moscow refused to resume relations with Mikhail Saakashvili’s regime.