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The victims of the tragedy in Eredvi commemorated in South Ossetia (19.03.12)

Action in memory of the victims of tragedy in Eredvi that claimed 12 lives on March 18, 1991 has been held today in South Ossetia. The action was organized by the Department for Youth Affairs under the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy of South Ossetia.

 Youth representatives, along with the victims' families attended the burial place of the remains of 12 Ossetian men, aged 18 to 70 years old, who, after brutal tortures had been buried alive in a pre-dug pit in the Georgian populated settlement Eredvi, Tskhinvalskiy District of South Ossetia.

 An activist of the youth movement in South Ossetia, Igor Chochiev told the participants of the action about the tragic events of that black day in the history of the Ossetian people, "How can we forget the fact that exactly 21 years ago in the village of Eredvi the Georgian extremists buried alive peaceful unarmed people, the Ossetians, our fellow citizens. That day the people were going to Tskhinval from the villages. Among them were women and children. All of them were unarmed. In the village of Eredvi, which at that time was under control of the Georgian armed forces, the column was stopped, and all the people of the Ossetian nationality were put off. The Georgian extremists tied up the unarmed people and began beating the men, women and children. The women and the children were somehow released. And the men were buried alive after being tortured."

 The students, school children and relatives of the victims have also addressed the gathered. There were words of gratitude to the defenders of Ossetia and fighters of the Russian army, owing to whom the civilians can move freely on the ground in South Ossetia. The participants of the action have recited their verses and poems by the famous Ossetian writer and poet Meliton Kazity, dedicated to the memory of the victims.

 21 years ago the Georgian neo-fascists committed one of the most inhuman acts of genocide against the people of South Ossetia. March 18, 1991 near the village of Eredvi, the Georgian extremists seized the truck "Ural" and put off 25 ossetians, who were traveling through the territory, which at that time was under control of the Georgian armed forces. The women and the children were released, but 12 men after cruel tortures were buried alive, and the burial place was leveled by a bulldozer. Despite the multiple appeals of South Ossetia, the perpetrators of this atrocious crime have not suffered any punishment up to date.