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"August 2008" - film about love not war (19.02.12)

The new film “August 2008” by the well-known film director Dzhanik Faiziyev is a story about love and loyalty, which develops against the background of the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgian troops in August of 2008.

On the billboards you can see a robot, a girl and a fire tornado, and this is exactly what the Moscow audience saw at the premiere show. Many people could not conceal their admiration after the showing of the film was over. Faiziyev’s colleague, who is also a well known film maker and an Oscar Prize winner – Vladimir Menshov says:

"This is an excellent work! The author has shown good taste and a sense of proportion! And the acting is wonderful too. This is a great victory, and I want to congratulate my colleague from all my heart!"

It is rather doubtful that Menshov would have said what he said had he seen a thriller or a politicized work. The author says that his film is, first of all, a “Trip made by a Mother”. This is a story of a young woman who arrives in the South Ossetian capital Tskhinval to take home her 7-year-old son who spent his vacations with his father, an Ossetian serviceman. And all of a sudden this woman finds herself in the thick of the military conflict. She does her utmost to save her child.

Dzhanik Faiziyev says that he has sethimself the task to show the war through the eyes of a woman. “My film is neither about war nor about politics. This is a human drama. It is not my attitude to the conflict which served as the background for the film. And there’s a split of opinions on that score in both Russia and abroad”, Dzhanik Faiziyev said.

"This is simply an invitation to take part in a discussion, continues the film director. Together with the main character, we learn much. Meaning first of all, the scale of hostilities which broke out in Ossetia in August of 2008. This was a wide-scale war."

The participants of the former events who acted as experts helped to re-create the chronology of the events of the recent past. Nearly 3,000 residents of South Ossetia took part as extras.

And robots and monsters on advertising posters are simply the characters of a computer game the son of the main character played. In the film real military episodes are intertwined with the episodes of the aggressive game and real characters – with 3D characters. “August 2008” is a pitiless story shown through the eyes of a mother. As a result, what we see is a multifaceted and colourful story, which includes adventure, a war drama and a love story. Plus it is a thrilling story.