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Genocide: I am Witness - Grandmother has never seen her grandchild as well as her son any more… (21.08.11)

Georgian nonhumans didn’t spare even innocent civilians, pelting them with grenades or shooting at close range women and children which found shelter from heavy fire in the basements and cellars. A lot of people trying to leave the burning city, died on the slope leading to the bypass road, which was mercilessly fired from the Georgian positions.

Among many others 49 years old Gagloyeva Taimuraz  and his son Azamat, 18 years old were killed here. Rima Puhaeva the eyewitness of this terrible tragedy and a relative of the dead tells that in the open section of the Zar road, their car came under adjusted fire. All passengers of the car, including Azamat’s grandmother Zaire Puhaeva, jumped out and hid in a ravine. Then the 18-year-old Azamat decided to bring all the passengers to a safety place. When everybody was in the shelter, Azamat took grandmother’s hand and said:

- Sit down here, my grandmother, I'll be right back, just bring my father here.

Grandmother has never seen grandchild as well as her son any more…

- This horror will stay in my memory until I die - says Rima Puhaeva. - Father and son were running towards us. They were almost in the shelter when it suddenly thundered. A moment later, we couldn’t see anything because of the smoke.

Some time later, when the fire had stopped, the grandmother returned to the road and saw the mutilated bodies of her relatives. Arms and legs and other body parts were cut off. I almost fainted. All night Zaire Puhaeva sat on the road with the disfigured bodies of her son and grandson. In the morning she went to a nearby village and brought sheets. Together with her  Ossetian friends, she picked up the bodies. She buried her son and grandson in the garden of her house in Koblov street, 101. Only a week later the bodies of Taimuraz and Azamat were reburied in a cemetery in the village Tbet ...