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Genocide: I am witness - Her life was cut short in an instant (19.08.11)

Among thousands of civilians, victims of the monstrous artillery shelling of Tskhinvali, undertaken by the Georgian army in August 2008, were many elders, who couldn't find a safe place quickly. The terrible death overtook Kumaritovu Tamara Tugievnu the 85-year-old resident of Tskhinvali.

Tamara Kumaritova was born in village Kohat Tskhinvali region. For a long time she worked as a teacher in secondary educational institutions. Together with her son and his family she lived in the house № 183 in A. Dzhioeva street.

Her son Hamlet Hubezhov tells, that when the attack on Tskhinvali began on the night of Aug. 8, he and his mother were in her apartment on the seventh floor. Hamlet's wife after night shelling of Tskhinvali August 5 from Nikozi and Ergneti side where the firing positions of the Georgian armed forces were located, with their two children moved to her mother in the other end of town (district BAM).

 "When in the night of August 8, massive bombardment of heavy artillery started, and many people hid in the basement, but my mother had bad legs and she couldn't to get down from the seventh floor, - says Hamlet. - Our apartment faces village Nikozi, and heavy fire also was carring from that place. We have moved to an empty apartment next door, our neighbors left me  the keys before departure. I thought it would be safer there. "

Hamlet periodically descended to the ground floor, where some neighbors were hiding from the fire. He tried to find out any news, because the electricity in that ill-fated night immediately turned off. People were getting news from friends and relatives calling them on mobile phones, who was outside the country and had a chance to watch TV. "I was on the ground floor, when about six in the morning when several rounds hit our house. The strikes shook the house so that it seemed to collapse now. I realized that the rounds ended up in apartments on the upper floors, "- says Hamlet.

 When he nervously run into the flat, he saw a horrible scene: his mother lay dead on the floor. Her body was wounded by shrapnel, and half-burned.

Trapped in the house a few shells destroyed all the apartments from the fourth to eighth floors, some of them burned out. Hamlet flat was also destroyed.

Mutilated body of Tamara Kumaritova was buried 11 August at the cemetery in the village Tbet.

Sergei Ghazzali