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Medvedev: Action Georgia in South Ossetia - genocide (12.08.08)

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called genocidal actions of Georgia in South Ossetia. “South Ossetia Georgia had a very tough, cynical aggression. People were killed, our citizens: and residents of South Ossetia, and peacekeepers,” - Medvedev said at a meeting with the chairman of the Investigations Committee, with the prosecutor’s office Alexander Bastrykinyn.

Russian President stressed that “those ways in which the actions of the Georgian side were held, except as genocide can not be named because they have acquired a mass character and were directed against individual people - civilians, peacekeepers, who performed their function of maintaining peace in the region “.

At a meeting with the head of the UPC he demanded to “take all necessary efforts to collect and document evidence of crimes committed in South Ossetia that was subsequently necessary framework for prosecuting perpetrators of crimes”.

Earlier, Medvedev said that instruct the military prosecutor’s office documenting the crimes committed against the civilian population in South Ossetia. “I naturally give such an order,” - said the head of state on the night of Sunday at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, to tell him about what’s happening in South Ossetia.

Putin said that recently talked to refugees who told of what was happening in South Ossetia. “First of all I would like to share impressions after a meeting with the refugees: must honestly say, a very heavy feeling, people find themselves in difficult life situations, it is mostly women, the elderly, children”, - he said. “But draws special attention to themselves - what they are told, these episodes, they told already go well beyond the understanding of warfare” - the Prime Minister. “This is the elements of a genocide Ossetian people” - Putin added.

He called it “a clear crime against peaceful civilian population.” “It would be correct if you directed the military prosecutor’s office documenting the manifestations of this kind, especially as the general population of South Ossetia - that citizens of Russia” - appealed to President Putin. “I naturally give such an order, because prosecutors must deal with all these cases.

This is the fate of our citizens, we all have for them in reply. All those crimes which they committed, must be carefully documented and subsequently must be subjected to the scrutiny - until the criminal responsibility of specific individuals, their perpetrators, “- said the president.

The International Tribunal for South Ossetia, which must be brought before the one who ordered the destruction of Tskhinval, proposed the creation of a Russian ombudsman Vladimir Lukin. “Suspects should those who ordered, and this should be very thoroughly investigated and clarified,” - considers the Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia.

“Those who ordered the destruction of Tskhinval night, he certainly is mainly responsible” - he underscored. All understandable, “who are responsible for massive destruction of towns and villages, who gave the indication and who served them”, resulting in “claimed hundreds, if not more peaceful, innocent nor guilty people, children, women,” said Lukin. “Always there are people who ordered, and there are always people who those orders ruthlessly cynical exercise,” - he underscored.

In Tskhinval destroyed completely life-support systems, schools, kindergartens. According to the head of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergei Shoigu to the virtual meeting in Vladikavkaz with the heads of all actors of the Southern Federal District. In Tskhinvali under the rubble left thousands of civilians, there are wounded, told the State Committee on Information and Press of South Ossetia.

“Output wounded - the most important and most difficult task because the city constantly to be exposed to fire by Georgian snipers. Under the rubble of urban hospitals - it bombed the first day of the war - remain more than 150 wounded. But it is impossible yet to evacuate them.”

Affected export peacekeepers in armored vehicles in the city yugoosetinsky Java - the most safe place in the republic. From there, the wounded are brought to North Ossetia. But a convoy on the road with the victims of Georgian covering fire of snipers.

According to gosministra on reintegration, special representative of the President of Georgia to resolve conflicts Temuri Yakobashvili, the Georgian authorities “are negotiating with the Russian military and the political leadership of the Russian Federation to organize a humanitarian corridor from Tskhinvali and Tskhinvali region to exit the remaining population.” He noted that “humanitarian corridor for the organization must be a ceasefire, the Georgian side is ready for this.”

However, as reported by Deputy Chief of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, the Russian side so far has not received a formal proposal Georgian authorities to end hostilities in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. He has laid full responsibility for the continuing bloodshed in the conflict zone on the Georgian side. “Wines entirely lies with the Georgian side, it is by creating a powerful grouping of troops committed aggression,” - General noted.

State Secretary, Deputy Head of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Grigory Karasin accused the West of obstructing implementation of operations to peace enforcement in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

“Western countries behaved strangely in the hours aggression against South Ossetia, inaudibility silent - stressed the diplomat. - Then, as his teammates, some countries have taken the position of criticism towards Russia and now impede the implementation of operations to peace enforcement, placing questioned the methods, goals, pace. ” “This raises a question about the sincerity and genuine attitude to Russia - said Karasin. - Moscow this will be taken into account in future when there will be to negotiate a world order”.