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Ossetian-Alanian nation faces a fatal danger (09.08.08)

At midnight on August 7th to the 8th, the most feared and anticipated (by both Ossetians and Georgian civilians) took place in South Ossetia. Only a few hours after the Georgian President, Mikhael Saakashvili, officially announced that all fire would be seized in the name of the Olympics and world peace, Georgian troops began a wide spread attack on all of South Ossetia.

The Georgian troops concentrated their forces on the capital city Tskhinvali, using all possible kinds of arms, including warplanes, tanks, mortar rockets “GRAD” and artillery, to fire at innocent civilians in apartment complexes and suburban areas.

The Georgian government has made their point clear- To teach Ossetains a lesson and to force them to leave the de facto independent Republic of South Ossetian. This government claims that they are a democratic country and that they represent freedom, but have in reality proceeded to start a bloody genocide on innocent Ossetian children, woman and elderly civilians. On top of this, innocent Georgian citizens of the surrounding villages have found themselves in the middle of all this crossfire, being hostages of their own government.

Following this attack, a mass of inaccurate Georgian propaganda worldwide is claiming that they acting in the best interests of their country, defending themselves from South Ossetian separatists and Russian troops.

Georgia and neighbouring countries are walking on a very thin line. All involved parties need to understand this and withstand getting caught up in politics and step away from starting yet another Cold War.

The most ill-fated party from all involved, are the innocent Ossetians who are now suffering from the third wave of genocide brought on to them by the Georgian government in the last 100 years.

The small Ossetian population is now at an even bigger risk of being wiped out in the name of “democracy and constitutional order”. Neither Ossetia nor Russia will let this happen. Ossetians were born there and are ready to die on this land as free people, rather then live under the criminal regime of the Georgian government as social outcasts.

Supporting the South Ossetians are the brothering nations of Abhazia, North Ossetia, Russia as well as some part of regular Georgians and people around the world who do not support fascism, dictatorship and wrongful enslavement of innocent people.

We ask everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Ossetia use all possible and legal ways to speak out against this genocide.

Let God Protect The Innocent People In Ossetia and Georgia!