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Youth organizations honor S.Ossetia dead at Moscow rally (14.08.08)

Youth organizations gathered overnight near the Christ the Savior Cathedral in central Moscow to honor the dead in South Ossetia as a fragile ceasefire took hold in Georgia.

Russia has said that 1,600 civilians died in a Georgian attack on Tskhinval, the capital of the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, on August 8.

Some 700 people, including the pro-Kremlin youth movements Nashi and Molodaya Gvardia, lit 2,000 candles and observed a moment of silence.

"We feel deeply for the South Ossetian people and the relatives of our peacekeepers who died at the hands of the Georgian aggressors," said one of the participants.

Wednesday was declared a day of mourning in Russia.

Flags flew at half staff throughout Russia, and television and radio companies as well as cultural institutions were encouraged to cancel entertainment programming and events.

RIA "Novosti"