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On August 8, 2008 at 23:26 local time the capital of South Ossetia got under bombardment and shelling. Georgia violated all arrangements and given promises, and committed a treacherous wide-scale military aggression. An avalanche of rockets and shells fell down from the night sky on the quietly sleeping southern city with a population of about 40,000 people.

The city was shelled from 122-mm howitzers. 152-mm gun-howitzers, heavy mortars and primarily from 40-barrel multiple launch rocket systems BM-21 Grad (each rocket of 122-mm caliber with a 10-15 kg of explosive charge, which is enough to smash a single-storey house). Aerial bombs were falling as the rain on residential houses, schools and kindergartens. Men, women, old men and children were seeking shelter in basements where they were buried alive by Georgian gunmen. Then, Georgian tanks and infantry entered the city as their predecessors, Nazi troops, used to do it. Survivor peaceful residents were shot dead just at the doors of the houses. Ruthlessly. All of them. Peaceful people rushed about amid flames and Georgian tanks trying to escape from the city, but the murders attacked them from different directions, and the people faced the death everywhere.

Poorly armed Ossetian self-defense units and volunteers bravely defended every foot of land, and like their grandfathers in World War II sacrificed themselves jumping under the fascist tanks with grenades and Molotov cocktails. Outposts and HQ of the Russian peacekeeping battalion became "refuges" for the peaceful people, all shelters were overcrowded. And at that moment the Georgian troops turned their guns against the peacekeepers, against the people who provided for quiet life of Georgian peasants in adjacent villages for many years. The peacekeepers once again defended the peaceful people. 12 peacekeepers were killed and 150 wounded.

The Georgian soldiers finished wounded peacekeepers at outposts by pot shots and knives. 2000 peaceful people or about 3 per cent of the South Ossetia population were killed during 12 hours of the bloody massacre! 30,000 men, women, old men in sleepers on their bare feet and night robes embracing their small almost nude children rushed to the Russian border by vehicles and by feet. Many of them were killed on the way by Georgian troops who kept an only escape road to Russia under fire. The people of South Ossetia begged: Russia, help!

On the same day, Saturday August 9, the President of the Russian Federation claimed that Russia started a peace enforcement operation to coerce Georgia into peace, and pursuant to the international peacekeeping mandate and its own Constitution came to defend the attacked Russian peacekeepers and peaceful Russian citizens residing in South Ossetia. The troops were assigned to return the Georgian aggressor to the position as of early August 2008 and put an end to annihilation of the peaceful people. Already on Saturday, President Medvedev gave an order to the Russian Military Prosecutor to commence investigation of the act of genocide in South Ossetia.